Sunday, January 12, 2014

French Press Coffee

Some notes:
2 Tbsp beans for each 8 oz of water,
Set burr grinder to 8 for french press (2 for auto drip)

And the process (from here)

Preheat the glass and plunger by pouring hot water inside the pitcher and plunge once to warm everything up. Discard the rinse water.
Add ground coffee.
Pour hot water (30 seconds off the boil or about 205 degrees F) into the French press, saturating all of your grounds, and pouring to the halfway mark. Start your timer for 4 minutes.
After 1 minute, stir the “bloom” (or top layer) and pour the rest of the water evenly to the top and affix the press pot lid.
After 4 minutes, plunge and serve. Any coffee not served immediately goes in a thermos so it doesn't sit in the used grounds.

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